Consulting and Other Services


Marketing consulting services and animated video production for telecom and technology companies.

Marketing means pulling together many aspects of your business, from defining what you offer, to how you define your message,  and how to treat your customers.


Sales and Marketing services and animated video production for telecom and technology companies.

Effective sales requires the right processes and tools to arm your sales force.  It means competing aggressively with all the right support mechanisms in place.

Video Production

Animated video production, scripting, voice-over, sfx, and music for telecom & technology companies.

Have a great story to tell?  Concise, animated videos can be a powerful sales tool.  From planning, scripting, design, voice-over, and music, to final production...


White papers, press releases, animated video scripts for telecom and technology companies.

Your website and other materials present who you are and what you do.  How can customers trust that you can actually deliver if you do not have your offers well-documented?

Business Development

Business development, Marketing consulting and video production for telecom and technology.

Creating a complete ecosystem of partners is the way to reach new customers and present an image of an industry leader.  Joint promotions, mutual referrals, and more...


Trademark and Marketing consulting for telecom and technology companies using your attorney.

Have a name for your product or your company?  Are others infringing upon it?  More importantly, are you certain that the name does not infringe upon someone else's trademark?